Rudolf Schindler's historic

Pueblo Ribera,

La Jolla, California

"...a simple wave of a few materials articulates space into rooms..." Rudolf M. Schindler

 Pueblo Ribera is a complex of 12 units designed and constructed by Rudolf Schindler in the early 1920's. Innovative in design and construction technologies, these units are the only example of Schindler's work in San Diego, California.

Originally, each unit consisted of one bedroom on a single level, with the upper level designed as a sleeping porch. Each unit has a common wall with one other, with privacy and a spectacular view of historic Windansea Beach, La Jolla.


The Pueblos were designated historic site #117 by the San Diego Historical Society in 1977.

Pueblo Ribera is in the Great Buildings Collection, a multimedia encyclopedia of architecture on Macintosh CD-ROM. ISBN 0-442-01758-8) is published world-wide by Van Nostrand Reinhold (VNR), 115 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003.

Our own particular unit has had the sleeping porch transformed into the master bedroom. We are currently attempting to restore the unit to its original granduer, restoring fixtures hidden by subsequent so-called architects and do-it-yourselfers, and removing the many coats of paint applied by earlier owners from the old redwood beams and concrete composed of sand from WindanSea beach.


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Its amazing how many people have published CAAD drawings of the Pueblo's on the net. The following links to their respective pages are proof.

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